Touché Amoré Re-Record ‘...To The Beat of a Dead Horse’ For 10 Year Anniversary

22 August 2019

The 2009 record has been re-recorded in full and released as Dead Horse X.

Ten years on from the release of ‘...To The Beat of a Dead Horse’, Touché Amoré have re-recorded the record as a limited edition reissue titled ‘Dead Horse X’. The release includes both the original album in its raw form and the new recordings that have been incredibly well recorded with a much richer and denser sound that these tracks deserve.

The album has been very well thought out with the reappearance of guest vocals from Jeff Eaton of Modern Life Is War and Geoff Rickly of Thursday and the recreation of certain lyrics, in ‘And Now It’s Happening In Mine’, frontman Jeremy Bolm aptly swaps out the mention of Morrissey for Leonard Cohen, a nice touch showing the natural progression of them as a band over the past century and Jeremy’s influences as a writer and music fan in general.

Touché gained a lot of exposure and new fans from their incredible 2016 record ‘Stage Four’ and ‘Dead Horse X’ will almost feel like a brand new album to some of the newer listeners, giving them a fresh introduction to some of Touché‘s earlier work and will of course be a welcome addition to the older followers and completists alike. This release comes off the back of last years milestone live record ‘10 Years / 1000 Shows’ which is a salute to band’s hard work and what they have achieved thus far, and ‘Dead Horse X’ carries on this tradition with an outstanding recreation of some the bands finest material.

Touché Amoré are currently touring ‘...To The Beat of a Dead Horse’ in its entirety is the U.S. and are heading to Europe and the UK with Deafheaven later in the year.

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