Ten at 10: Paramore - ‘Brand New Eyes’ Ten Years On…

23 September 2019

We're celebrating ten of our favourite albums from 2009, here's why we love Brand New Eyes
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Paramore’s follow up to break through album ‘Riot!’ (2007) came in 2009 in the form of ‘Brand New Eyes’, and was a turning point in the band’s history as it was the final album written with founding member Josh Farro, as he and brother Zac departed. This record would turn out to be arguably some of their finest material during an era of real progression from the band, although sticking to their rock/alternative roots, their overall growth as songwriters and musicians was evident.

The album is filled with the catchy hooks, high energy and other-worldly vocals from singer Hayley Williams (see track 11. ‘All I Wanted’) that Paramore had become renowned for on songs such as ‘Careful’ and ‘Ignorance’. ‘Brand New Eyes’ also shows the bands diversity with ballads like ‘Playing God’, ‘Turn It Off’, ‘The Only Exception’ and the ethereal ‘Misguided Ghosts’ that really emphasised how they had grown as writers and their dynamism, with these songs taking a particular shine to the fans. The latter songs on the
record are equally as important, the shorter cuts and pop-rock radio friendly sounds on ‘Feeling Sorry’, ‘Looking Up’ and ‘Where The Lines Overlap’ all carry the ingredients to make for fan favourites and hold their own in the bands back catalogue.

The songs on ‘Brand New Eyes’ took a strong place in the hearts of the fans as there was a certain romanticism surrounding this era in Paramore’s history, partly down to the key line up change that would follow the album cycle, but mostly down to the brilliant songwriting on show (with the talents of a certain Taylor York emerging) which was a great stepping stone on the path to becoming the band they are today.