Ten at 10: Biffy Clyro - ‘Only Revolutions’ Ten Years On…

09 September 2019

We're celebrating ten of our favourite albums from ten years ago, here's why we love Only Revolutions
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Only Revolutions, Biffy Clyro’s fifth album, catapulted them into mainstream consciousness seemingly overnight. They had released critically well-received albums and singles previously, with the platinum selling Puzzles reaching No. 2 in the UK album charts. However, it was with Only Revolutions where they passed the stringent ‘Mainstream-ness’ test, my Mum knew who they were.

Only Revolutions was my first introduction to Biffy, and to heavy alternative music in general and it’s these crossover hits that not only help the artists who create the art but also the underground as a whole. I fell into a hole reading interviews with Biffy and searching for music that influenced the three scottish lads, and I’m sure thousands of others did too.

Three singles from the album, Mountains, That Golden Rule and Many Of Horror, were top ten hits in the UK and Many Of Horror was chosen as the X Factor Finalists single for 2010, to much uproar. Biffy capitalised on the success of Only Revolutions and the controversy generated by the X Factor debacle and continue to release fantastic music and headline massive festivals to this day.