Settle For Less return with latest EP release ‘Sick of Being Bitter’

11 July 2019

A five track EP filled with the kind of hard hitting melodic bangers that are sure to clear away any cobwebs.

Essex based pop-punk band Settle For Less are back with their latest record ‘Sick of Being Bitter’. A five track EP filled with the kind of hard hitting melodic bangers that are sure to clear away any cobwebs that might have formed in the past year of radio silence from the gents.

We wrote a review on the track titled ‘Yum-Yums’ that the band dropped a few weeks prior to the release of the EP as a taster of things to come. We were very impressed with the quality of the production and overall quality of sound that they had produced and it’s great that they have carried that on throughout this body of work. Being self-funded and self-producing your own work can be very tough as a band, especially when it comes to recording, but if you dropped any of the songs from this EP into a playlist alongside some already established artists, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, it’s that good! Major props to Brandon and Alias Studio on their outstanding production and mixing work.

These boys sound like they’ve learnt their chops in the pop-punk mecca’s of Florida or California, but they’re Essex born and bred. The band calls on their influences aptly in the form of A Day to Remember, New Found Glory and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! in that they have a way of telling their tales of all the trials and tribulations that come with life and relationships in an upbeat fashion that is also mirrored in their melodic instrumentation. We kick things off quite literally with the belting ‘Poetic Goodbye’, along with ‘Our Favourite Song’, both touch on these themes of relationships gone by and moving on in life, both hook-filled and chunky in all the right places, with front man Joe delivering his energetic vocals that go hand in hand perfectly with the instrumentation.

One of our favourites, ‘The Noose’ really showcases the bands talents, again with powerful drumming and rhythmic guitar work to accompany the anthemic chants of “You took the noose from around my neck, strung me up, I was left for dead”, this one’s sure to get the crowds moving and singing back. The EP closes with the vigorous ‘Ignorance & Habits’, another really strong song from Settle For Less, a song about observing and steering clear of the toxicity and bad habits of certain people. The song then crescendos into an epic half time outro with some fitting gang vocal work that will leave you feeling all nostalgic and will sure to have you nodding your head along.

As with most independent bands, it’s the diligent attitude and passion for your craft that get you to where you want to be, and you can tell the band have worked hard on what they have achieved with these songs and should be proud of their work. We’re glad they’re back writing and recording and are excited for the live shows and any future releases from Settle For Less.

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