PINE - Sunder [Single] Review

08 August 2019

Ottawa doom pop upstarts release most exciting track to date.
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On September 13th, Ottawan natives PINE release their eponymous debut album. The first taste of ‘PINE’ emerged in the form of the glittery doom pop of lead single ‘Maladroit’. An upbeat, jangly track with dark lyrics, it was an incredibly impressive introduction to the band who have released a smattering of singles and EPs over the last few years.

Our second flavour of what we’re sure will become one of the best debut releases of 2019, Sunder, is an obviously darker affair than the previous. A driving bass line leads us through the track, working its way through a thick layer of ethereal reverb from the guitar. The guitar lines, although minimal, set the tone for the track, washing over us with atmospheric melancholy.

The vocal harmonies are an epic display of how the voice can be used, not only as a conduit for words, but as an incredibly complementary and beautiful instrument. The lyrics tell the story of a relationship broken down, with the narrator questioning whether the relationship can return to the way it was before.

The chorus is gloriously anthemic, and proves that not only are PINE incredibly talented musicians, they are masterful songwriters too. We can already picture hundreds of sweaty faces singing the words ‘slow dancing, around our doubts’ right back at the band. We can’t wait to be one of those sweaty fans, passionately supporting the Canadians.

We have loved every single second of PINE’s latest release and can’t wait to be blown away on the 13th September with the release of their debut eponymous LP, on No Sleep Records.

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