Past Kings @ O2 Academy Islington 2

30 May 2019

Topping the bill at the O2 Academy Islington for the second time in their short career is no mean feat for Brentwood boys, Past Kings.
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A day after the release of their second single, Glass House, Past Kings reaffirmed the promise they’ve shown on their studio recordings with an assured performance in front of the London crowd. There’s a reason why they’ve been booked to headline the iconic venue twice in such a short period of time, and they showed exactly why they’re up there.

In our reviews of their two singles, ‘100’ and ‘Glass House’, we raved about the quality of the vocals from frontman Sam, and witnessing the voice come out of the man live is a different beast entirely. There’s a soulful nuance to his voice that doesn’t quite come across as strongly on record, but takes their live show to the next level.

Sam Charles, Past Kings' Frontman

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Their set was packed with glorious tunes, but my personal highlight (apart from the aforementioned singles) was ‘Lay Down’. The trap inspired breakdown before the last chorus once again displays the inventiveness of their approach to songwriting. We can’t wait to hear this on record!

The singles brought the biggest response from the crowd, who sang back every word of ‘100’ and ‘Glass House’ which had been released just hours before the show. The band self-admittedly struggled at times with the stage monitor sound, but it was hardly noticeable in the crowd and the band, who are massively passionate about their craft, handled it incredibly well.

James Holland, Past Kings' Drummer & Chief Lyricist

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Past Kings are a band who, quite clearly, feed off the energy of their crowd and if they carry on playing shows like this one and releasing bangers the way they are, they’ll be playing packed out shows in bigger venues in no time at all. We’ll be keeping up with them every step of the way!

Joe Jennings & Jack Smith, Past Kings' Guitarists

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We caught up with the band before their headline set, keep your eye out for the interview, coming soon.

Past Kings are currently looking for a bassist, get in touch with them if you’re interested!

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