Past Kings - Glass House Review

22 May 2019

Past Kings are back with another big tune in the form of ‘Glass House’
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Past Kings have been busy writing & recording and haven’t pulled any punches with their latest record, ‘Glass House’ (out May 24th). For some bands, it can take years to find a sound they are comfortable with, but for Past Kings it seems to have come extremely naturally, especially so early on in their career. They carry on from their previous release, ‘100’, with another energetic performance and some fantastic writing.

We leap straight out of the starting blocks with some lovely instrumentation that we can’t help but compare to some of White Lies’ early work. James Holland’s pacey drum work sets us up and keeps you nodding along to the beat alongside the rest of the rhythm section. Meanwhile the lead guitar soars off into the clouds on an opening that could have easily snuck onto ‘To Lose My Life’.

Frontman Sam once again delivers the goods on the mic with a typically strong vocal delivery. He carries us through the verses accompanied by a thundering drive of drum hits and steady guitar parts that crescendo nicely into the chorus. When we reach the chorus Sam hits top gear with his brilliantly soulful vocals reminiscent of Hozier.

Past Kings transition from verse to chorus like pros, but their full songwriting ability shines through with the solo, bridge and final chorus. The solo could have come straight out of Noel Gallagher’s bag of tricks and screams powerfully above the rhythm section before stopping dead in its tracks as the soft synth bridge begins. The synth-laden crescendo into the final chorus, hinting more and more at the influence of White Lies, is glorious and I challenge you to find a band so early in their career who can write with such confidence.

With just two singles to their name (and in such a saturated genre), Past Kings have carved their own unique sound which captivates anyone who listens and places them in a commanding position to achieve big things. While we wait for the next undoubtedly fantastic release from Past Kings, we’ll keep ‘Glass House’ and ‘100’ on repeat, and you should too.

‘Glass House’ is released this Friday (24th May) and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

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