Past Kings - 100 Review

22 February 2019

Essex based four-piece, Past Kings, debut with an anthemic chorus and extremely strong production
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The ‘next big thing’ tag is thrown around far too often in the music industry, usually to the detriment of the artist it is assigned too. With that said, it’s hard not to think of Past Kings as a contender for the NBT title with the strength of their debut single, 100.

Released earlier this year, 100 is Past Kings first step on the ascent of the Indie Rock throne. It’s hard to place a finger on a specific sound, but you can definitely feel the influence of Oasis, Nirvana and modern indie giants such as Nothing But Thieves and The Amazons.

100 has a beautifully written, anthemic chorus lamenting a long distance relationship. From the very first notes of the arpeggiated intro, through the powerful chorus and the ethereal bridge, Past Kings rarely put a foot wrong.

The vocals are the real standout here. Reminding us of a young Dallas Green, the vocalist has an immediately likeable voice and an incredible range. It’s the sort of voice you wish you possessed, especially when singing along to the catchy melody.

If Past Kings can maintain such strong songwriting ability, they’ll be kicking around with contemporaries like Catfish & The Bottlemen and The Amazons in the not too distant future. Past Kings are a band that you cannot sleep on and it won’t be long until they’re garnering major label attention.

You can catch Past Kings live at Hideaways in Chelmsford on 28th June.

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