Emo Newcomers Decay Make Bold Statement with ‘Slow Decline’

23 May 2019

With ‘Slow Decline’, Decay are telling the world that they are much more than just a ‘new band’.

Have you ever listened to a song for the first time and instantly been drawn into it, so that everything else around you quiets down and fades away? Well, I had the pleasure of listening to ‘Slow Decline’ by Decay this weekend and… I haven’t stopped! Released this week, ‘Slow Decline’ is the type of track that makes your brain isolate each piece of equipment being used throughout the song, and then brings you back into reality at the point where the slow, mesmerising ending hits.

The transition into the ending was powerful enough to leave me with goosebumps, an effect that I only really feel during live performances, reminding me strongly of the ending to ‘The Distant Blue’ by Architects. And while the finale is powerful, you can start listening to the song at any point and be drawn into its euphoric sound and dynamic vocals. Reminding me of bands such as Boston Manor and Young Guns, ‘Slow Decline’ really displays Decay’s potential to be a strong, headline worthy band in the future.

Decay’s intelligent use of reverb throughout the track perfectly matches the tone and mood set by the haunting lyrics, which tell the story of how the death of vocalist Danny Reposar’s mother affected his father’s mental and physical health. The topic is handled incredibly maturely by the band, and offers an outstretched hand to those experiencing a similar situation, telling them ‘you are not alone’.

With a track as beautiful and haunting as ‘Slow Decline’, Decay are telling the world that they are much more than just a ‘new band’. They are demanding and deserving attention, and daring us to ask for more. Know for sure that Decay are going to be a familiar name very soon, and I have no doubt that they will rise to the occasion. The future is exciting!

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