Burn It Down Festival 2019 [Review]

14 September 2019

Despite only being in its second year, Burn It Down Festival surely is one of the brightest gems in the UK alternative scene.
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With a line-up stacked to the rafters with the best local talent and some of the biggest names in the alternative scene, we took the five hour drive down to Torquay not truly knowing what to expect. What we found was a strong community of fans and musicians coming together for a day of guitar based pleasure, and it was spectacular.

We’re going to warn you up front that we’re going to gush here because this was such an incredibly inspiring and exciting surprise of a festival that we just can’t help it. Unlike so many who bemoan a lacklustre local scene and do nothing about it (like us), Matt and Boneyard Promotions have got off their arse and wrangled this tourist town into a Mecca for emos, pop-punkers and metalheads. They’ve also provided an important platform for undiscovered local bands in the South West, which has an incredibly rich alternative and underground scene at the moment, which is thanks in part to the blood, sweat and tears that Matt and the people around him have put into this festival and their scene. They’ve made big things happen in a small town, and it’s so inspiring to see.

The day kicked off just after midday with Profiler who, despite some technical issues, sounded huge with their nu-metal inspired riff-heavy tunes. They rode the struggles well and proved to be a worthy warm up for the day ahead.

Mother Vulture, Burn It Down Festival

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Amongst the local bands was our highlight of the festival, and one of the most fun and passionate performances we’ve ever witnessed. The band were called Mother Vulture, and their diminutive frontman who resembled a young Chris Cornell with his bountiful curly locks spent most of the gig in the sweaty Apple & Parrot venue in amongst the frantic pit that formed for their set. We can’t recommend seeing them live enough, and we’ll definitely be catching them again soon.

Phoxjaw. Burn It Down Festival

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Phoxjaw opened the main stage at The Foundry, and being one of the brightest stars in the south west alternative scene at the moment, their set was received with expected passion and fervour. Opening with ‘Melt, Your A Face Of Wax’ the four boys displayed exactly why their worthy of the buzz that surrounds them at the moment.

Throughout the day we saw sets from local acts like Pitcher, London based metalcore from Confessions Of A Traitor, heavy hardcore from Strike Back, bluesy funky punky riff-laden rock from Hypophora and much more.

Holding Absence, Burn It Down Festival

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Holding Absence played to a packed out Foundry, a sign of the massive steps they’ve taken since releasing their debut LP earlier this year. Fellow Welsh rockers, Dream State, were also similarly well received as they gear up to release their debut in October. Fatherson played a glorious set packed full of tracks from their third LP, Sum Of All Your Parts, and my god can those Scottish boys write a chorus.

Basement ended what was a fantastic day of alternative fun by the coast, with eerily similar technical issues as openers Profiler experienced. It didn’t dampen the spirits of the crowd though as Basement rode the trouble with their killer back catalogue of tracks.

All in all, we can’t big Burn It Down Up enough. You’re never going to experience a tight knit, community feel with a stacked line up such as this anywhere else and that’s why we think Burn It Down will skyrocket in popularity in the coming years.

We haven’t even spoke about how much the festival costs yet either! At just £25 at their highest price, tickets for this festival are incredibly cheap and if you factor it in with a hotel or Airbnb stay, you’re still only looking at around £70-80 which, for a one day festival with this amount of talent, is a bargain. With their range of early bird ticket discounts, you could be paying even less than that aswell.

Early bird tickets are on sale for next year already, you’d better hurry and get them now because based on our fantastic experience in 2019, tickets for 2020 are not going to be around long.