‘A Playground For Sad Adults’ sees Phoxjaw at their wonderfully weird best!

13 July 2019

Bristol boys Phoxjaw return with their strongest EP yet.
Image for ‘A Playground For Sad Adults’ sees Phoxjaw at their wonderfully weird best!

Phoxjaw, having recently signed to Hassle Records, dropped ‘A Playground For Sad Adults’ last week, their first EP since 2018’s Goodbye Dinosaur. That EP, and their insane set at 2000trees festival last year, was our first introduction to the wonderfully weird world of Phoxjaw.

The Bristol quartets genre-fluid sound is, on paper, a confusing mix. At times sounding like your favourite indie band switching to the brutalest heavy metal and then swerving into shoegaze and horror pop and… the list could go on. The boys pull all this together with gusto on ‘A Playground For Sad Adults’, which is genuinely the most unique EP (and our favourite) of 2019.

The EP opens with the title track, a 30 second interlude which crescendos into the first single from the EP, ‘Melt,You’re A Face Of Wax’. On Melt, Phoxjaw display everything they have become known for and more; howling vocals, punchy riffs, pained screams and a strangely catchy chorus. Phoxjaw then up the pace with Monday Man, an instant sing-and-scream-along banger, and a song that I imagine will bridge the gap for many new fans between the more odd and experimental cuts from their discography. The EP is closed off by The Curse Of The Button Man, our favourite track. A blistering blend of beautifully dainty verses and stomping, screaming choruses that will have you hooked, desperately needing another fix of Phoxjaw.

‘A Playground For Sad Adults’ cements their place as the UK’s most intriguing and unique band, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

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